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Tax Returns North Vancouver


JKC GROUP works with you in preparing and filing tax returns – both personal and corporate. As experts in the area of tax, we will process your return accurately, provide advice and help you plan your financial future. The most important part of our meeting with you is determining the future – where do we go from here?

US Tax Accountant in North Vancouver

US Tax

JKC GROUP will help you determine your residency for tax purposes and prepare the proper tax returns, such as the U.S. Form 1040 for individual tax returns for citizens or U.S. residents, or the Form 1040NR, for U.S. taxable non-residents. We will review your situation and determine how to comply with your filing requirements.

North Vancouver Accountant


JKC GROUP can prepare (or audit) specific information as may be required to comply with commercial leases, banking covenants, government grants, investors and more. Compilation presents your financial statements for information purposes without expressing assurance as to their accuracy.

Tax Relief

Tax Relief

We represent individuals to solve their income tax problem with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or IRS. We have extensive knowledge and experience to understand income tax law, negotiate with the tax authorities and manage the complex bureaucracy to solve your income tax problem.
Some of the Tax Issues where we help you are:
* CRA Audits
* Objections and Disputes
* CRA Legal Action and Wage Garnishment
* Unreported Income and Late Filing
* CRA Net Worth Assessments and Penalties and Interest