Personal Tax

TAX PLANNING & COMPLIANCE– Tax planning is an integral part of your overall financial planning process. We will thoroughly review your income earnings, investments, retirement plans, estate plans, and the tax situations of all family members. All factors are then incorporated into a long-term strategy, including how much tax you pay and opportunities to reduce or defer them.

As experts in the area of tax, we will process your return accurately, provide advice and help you plan your financial future. The most important part of our meeting with you is determining the future – where do we go from here? We do not simply review your past, but becomes your financial partner for the future.

Corporate Tax

TAX REDUCTION STRATEGIES –Tax reduction strategy involves systematic review and planning to minimize tax now and in the future, corporately and personally, before and after retirement, and before and after death. Owner-managed business is our principal area of practice. We strive to understand diverse situations to ensure deductions are maximized. Our second key area of practice involves executive and senior officers in larger corporations, helping develop effective strategies for high-income earners.

PREPARING AND FILING – JKC GROUP works with you in preparing and filing tax returns – both personal and corporate.