US Tax

US Taxes For Canadians

1040 FILINGS FOR INDIVIDUALS– JKC GROUP will help you determine your residency for tax purposes and prepare the proper tax returns, such as the U.S. Form 1040 for individual tax returns for citizens or U.S. residents, or the Form 1040NR, for U.S. taxable non-residents. We will review your situation and determine how to comply with your filing requirements while paying the least amount of taxes.

BUSINESS INCOME TAXES– Entities carrying on business in the U.S. have to file a tax return. Depending on the business organization, different requirements are in place for the entity. Be it as a Corporation, a LLC or a S-Corporation, JKC GROUP can properly fulfill the U.S. filing requirements of your business.

US Filing For US Citizens

FILINGS FOR INDIVIDUALS– As a U.S citizen resident in Canada, you still have to file U.S. Form 1040 every year, reporting your worldwide income. Therefore, you must file two returns each year: a Canadian return due to residency, and a U.S. return due to citizenship. JKC GROUP can help you take advantage of the many mechanisms in place today, such as tax treaties, earned income exclusion, and foreign tax credits to minimize or even eliminate double taxation.

COMPLIANCE FILING IN THE YEAR OF DEPARTURE– For U.S. citizens, returning to the U.S. is potentially a very complex and costly process. To avoid such daunting prospect, JKC GROUP can guide you over the many filing requirements and also properly plan a strategy to minimize your exposure to double taxation and to ensure that applicable treaty benefits and tax credits are claimed. We will also review your situation to ensure that there are no remaining ties to Canada that could result in the CRA denying your non-residency claim.