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JKC GROUP prepares audit reports on the financial statements for small and medium sized entities as required by certain laws and contracts. In addition to the audit which adds credibility to your financial statements, assistance is also provided in determining the type of accounting and reporting systems you require, locating and installing them, and training your staff.

JKC GROUP will investigate the adequacy of an organization’s system of internal controls, consistent use of generally accepted accounting procedures, and the presence of material errors in the data. A resulting auditor’s report is made to the board of directors summarizing findings and providing an opinion.

Professional Accountants

We can augment your internal team or act as your virtual finance team depending on your financial capacity.

We engage with our clients in a manner that best suits their business and their needs. The level and depth of services we provide is determined by the financial capacity within your business.

Key professional accounting services we can provide include:

How we can assist with Professional accounting

Management Accounting

We provide accounting services to organizations who need to augment their internal finance team with specialist accounting knowledge and expertise.

Virtual Finance Team

For organizations with limited internal financial support, we provide a dedicated team of chartered accountants who act as your virtual finance team.

Chartered Professional accountants (CPA's)

Our team are highly skilled and experienced Chartered Accountants with extensive knowledge of the Canadian tax system.

Satisfied Customers

John and his team are next to none. They take the time to explain things to me and care like I was a part of there family. I even have a bookkeeper that was reffered to me through the accountants and he is just as great as my accountant. I am a small business owner and am new too boot I would have been lost without these guys. I really learned the importance of having a great accountant .
Leah Gillanders
My wife and I have had our income tax returns prepared by the JKC Group for many years and have found them to be very professional, efficient and helpful. They have always prepared the returns in a timely manner and on occasions where the CRA had questions JKC dealt with them promptly. We intend to continue using this company and would not hesitation in recommending their services to others.
David Atwell

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