Personal Tax


Tax planning is an integral part of your overall financial planning process. We will thoroughly review your income earnings, investments, retirement plans, estate plans, and the tax situations of all family members. All factors are then incorporated into a long-term strategy, including how much tax you pay and opportunities to reduce or defer them.

As professionals in the area of tax, we process your returns accurately while maximizing deductions and minimize the tax burden, provide advice and help you plan your financial future. The most important part of our meeting with you is determining the future – where do we go from here? We do not simply review your past, we also becomes your financial partner for the future.

Corporate Tax


Tax reduction strategy involves systematic review and planning to minimize tax now and in the future, corporately and personally, before and after retirement, and before and after death. Owner-managed business is our principal area of practice. We strive to understand diverse situations to ensure deductions are maximized. Our second key area of practice involves executive and senior officers in larger corporations, helping develop effective strategies for high-income earners.


JKC GROUP works with you in preparing and filing tax returns – both personal and corporate.

Tax Resolutions & Relief

We represent individuals to solve their income tax challenges with Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) or IRS. We have extensive knowledge and experience to understand income tax law, negotiate with the tax authorities and manage the complex bureaucracy to solve your income tax problem.

We are licensed and experienced professionals dealing with both the CRA and IRS and maintain high standards to achieve efficient results.

We help you understand the complex income tax system. We help alleviate the feeling of confusion brought on by the income tax problem or debt. Our service and support will bring back a sense of normality to your life after dealing with CRA.

Our Services include:

  • Income tax representation,
  • Income tax audit response and negotiations,
  • Filing of appeals to assessment or reassessment,
  • Response and negotiations after the appeal has been filed,
  • Income tax interest and penalty negotiations,
  • Income tax payment plan negotiations,


Each income tax situation is unique and following a free initial consultation we will provide recommendations.

Consider the issues when confronted with a TAX administrative challenge. When things are done wrong at first, it generally costs considerably more to rectify. A person initially uses an unqualified individual or tries to do it themselves to handle their tax problem. Procrastinating and doing nothing is an expensive route to follow. Considering tax and interest and penalty levied, our fees are considerably less. CRA or IRS could freeze your bank accounts or garnish your wages. Such actions will jeopardize your business and debt score. It may affect mortgage renewal as the tax authorities could registered a lien on your property or home.